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From: Sandy Cristel

Have you ever wanted to discover what the future has in store for you? Whether you will have health, wealth and happiness? Have you ever wanted guidance about a decision — whether to take that new job or not — wondering what would be the best choice? Would you like to know how someone feels about you? And where your relationship is going?

The Lenormand Oracle can answer all these questions and much more. It can show you what factors in your past led to your present situation. It can uncover hidden influences that you may not even be aware of. It can show you the consequences of different decisions you may make. Named after Madame Marie Anne Lenormand, the most famous of all cartomancers, this oracle offers profound insight into all matters.

The Lenormand Oracle consists of 36 cards each bearing a simple yet powerful symbolic image. Images such as a dog symbolizing friendship, a heart symbolizing love, and crossroads symbolizing a decision. It is this simple yet powerful symbolism that makes the Lenormand Oracle so easy to read. Unlike Tarot cards, whose esoteric meanings must be learnt, the everyday imagery of the Lenormand cards is immediately intuitive. You do not have to be psychic to read this oracle – the cards really do ‘speak’ to your mind!

This Interactive eBook Makes It Easier Than Ever To Read The Oracle

Whether you simply want to consult the oracle to gain insight into a problem, or whether you want to learn to interpret the oracle yourself, or whether you are an experienced cartomancy practitioner, you will find this interactive ebook has been carefully designed for all level of users.

The casual enquirer can choose an appropriate layout for the consultation and have the cards spread and interpreted automatically.

If you want to learn to interpret the oracle yourself, you will appreciate the tutorial and the interactive practice programs.

And experienced cartomancers will enjoy the freedom of creating their own layouts.

Here are some of the things you can do with this amazing interactive package:

Learn individual card meanings — display the cards one by one with keywords and suggested interpretations for each card.
Study the cards — display a single card to study its symbolism and form your own interpretation.
Learn the meaning of card combinations — display pairs of cards together with a suggested interpretation of their combined meaning.
Consult the oracle — choose one of four predefined layouts:

Single card for a daily reading or to answer a question;
Three card past, present and future;
Nine card layout containing all the information needed for most readings;
The Grand Tableau, the most comprehensive Lenormand layout using all 36 cards of the pack;

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Display the keywords and suggested interpretation of any card in a layout simply by hovering the mouse over the card and see its meaning in a pop-up window!
Display the meaning of any card combination in a layout in a pop-up window!
Automatically generate reports interpreting the spreads.
Print layouts and reports
Choose from seven beautiful card designs.
Spread your own layouts! In the fully interactive mode you can shuffle the cards then spread them one at a time wherever you want to create your very own layout. Simply drag and drop the cards - you can even place cards on top of each other! Hover the mouse over any card and see its meaning displayed in a pop-up window. And you can print your layout at any time!

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Your Interactive Lenormand Oracle is an amazing resource!

There are many fine books which give card meanings both individually and in combinations, however, these tend to be lists of meanings which many people find a chore to memorise and learn.

This interactive software visually shows cards and their meanings, hover or click on a card to get the keywords for a card, or combination of cards. The cards on screen, with key words, simply seems EASIER for the mind to take in and remember.

I've used the Lenormand Oracle for over two years and I'm extremely impressed with this software; it is useful to both beginner and experienced Lenormand user.

Best wishes,




I did my first reading last night (9 card spread). I was very impressed! This is my first Oracle deck, have been using Tarot for a little over a year now. I must say the "feeling" of this is very different from Tarot, and one that I like!

What I liked most about it is the "natural" feel that it has. I am all for as natural as one can get in these days. I feel a long future with these cards.

Thanks again for the opportunity for this experience Sandy.




I downloaded a trial today.

As someone who is completely inept at card readings of any form (no patience or peace) I was really impressed even I managed to use it and got a reading that was useful in my current situation.



Greetings Again Sandy

Well there we go five minutes to sit and read and play and I am lovin it.

What can I say? I am singularly impressed which frankly doesn't happen a lot most days! lol

But seriously I am. This is a tip top job.

The history of the card lineage is good (not to little not too much) the permutations are good (the cross referencing will no doubt be VERY helpful to some people who want to cut and change with playing cards etc!) The layouts are concise, it is a pleasure to read a book written by someone who actually DOES the work and isn't burdened down with nonsense .. umm yeah ... just really good actually!

I will be telling people about this one cause it is the first time in years I have read a book about divination (other than the one I am working on! lol) that didn't make me irritable and wonder why I bothered in the first place!





I am a professional Psychic/Empath. I started reading professionally 3 years ago. I have not been using tools but my psychic impressions and clairvoyance. Lately, I have been feeling very blocked and my readings are at best vague. I have tried everything, meditation, healing, etc. Yesterday, I purchased your Lenormand Oracle reading tool and I love it. I have read Tarot in the past and found it confusing but I am actually already incorporating the Oracle into my readings with great success. It is just what I needed. I am so glad the Universe brought this to me!

Thanks! Blessings,


Bonus Material

As well as the Tutorial and the Interactive Program you will also receive:

The Lenormand Cheat Sheet — a single page containing all the essential information you need to help reading the oracle when using physical cards. You can print it out as a handy reference.
Lenormand Worksheets — 36 pages that you can print out when developing your own interpretation of the card meanings. When you have completed it, you will have your own fully personalised reference for the Lenormand Oracle.

Try It Now

I am sure that you will find my Interactive Lenormand Oracle so valuable that you will want to keep using it time and time again. I am positive you will feel the same way too! So I decided to give you the opportunity to try the Interactive Lenormand Oracle completely free of charge for five whole days to make sure you a completely happy before buying it.

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Best wishes


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